Spring has arrived in Toronto. At last. It’s splendid. Every year I’m always amazed at the effect the weather has on my mood. Warmer days, lovely afternoon showers, bright blue skies, chirping birds, and a smile on my face.


This week…

Knitting: I think knitting lace just fits in so perfectly with spring. I can watch something delicate, soft, and floral grow off of my needles. Perfect for knitting away breezy spring afternoon storms or enjoying sunlight out on the patio while I sip iced tea (if I had a patio, of course. For now I just borrow someone else’s.)

I’m currently working on the lace inserts for my Spring Romance cardigan, which has a splendidly unique construction, starting from the lacy sleeves insets and then working out from the sleeves. Right now it seems a little magical to me, but my curiosity is completely peaked. I don’t tend to knit a lot of lace, but I’ve been enjoying the knitting these panels. They are just enough to be fun and challenging without not overwhelming me, like larger lace projects tend to.

Reading: I’ve totally been sucked into Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. It’s set in a dystopian future where mankind has been decimated by a disease and tells the story of a band of travelling performers. The story is told in a compelling fashion through different character’s view points and flashbacks. I am always amazed at how quickly a good book pulls you in – I was immediately enthralled with the story and connected to the characters so quickly. Needless to say, the writing is effortlessly wonderful.

Watching: So much Netflix binging. House of Cards, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Daredevil have been taking up my weekend viewing. All so different, but great viewing.

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18 Comments on Spring knits…

  1. Those lace insets are gorgeous! I love seeing how everyone’s knitting is changing with the season-everything seems so much lighter.

    • It’s true. For me it kind of happens unconsciously – just a switch to lighter fabrics. But sometimes I get flustered by summer knits – I just don’t know what to do with myself with all this lacy stuff and summer is so short here that I never seem to get something finished before it’s over.

  2. I adore that cardigan! I was umming and ahhing over it in the autumn and put it off for other projects but the lace on your needles makes me want to make it so bad!
    Brandy you must stop tempting me to add new projects to my queue! I am the worst person for getting distracted mid knit and casting on something different and I’m sure half of the projects I keep drooling over have come from your blog. 🙂

    • I’m okay with being a bad knitting influence. I’m really enjoying the knitting of this cardigan so far. I can’t wait for it to be finished. It’ll be the perfect transitional cardigan.

    • House of Cards is kind of crazy. And very well acted. I mean, you really can’t go wrong with Kevin Spacey. I love him.

  3. Am I crazy to think the panel would make an lovely headband or even a bookmark? I can never seem to finish a summer knit before summer is over, and they look just beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous lace! I love what you said about watching something floral come of your needles, and how fitting this is for spring. Thank God the days are getting longer again. 🙂

    • Isn’t that the truth?! I’m so glad not to be heading home in the dark any longer. It just makes winter so much more depressing. I missed the sun.

  5. So glad to hear Spring has arrived in Toronto now as well! That cardigan certainly has a very interesting construction, I’m curious to see how it will be build up.

    • I’m curious to knit it up! The weather can’t make up its mind lately – cold and windy and rainy or sunny and warm – we seem to see-saw back and forth. Blech.

    • I think this is my first time working a Joji pattern after admiring them for ages. She has beautiful stuff and I can’t wait to get this cardigan finished so I can wear it proudly.

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