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This week…

Knitting: My Spring Romance cardigan is making progress. I finished both lace panels fo the sleeves, blocked them, and have started working on the sleeves and the body of the sweater. I’ve got one sleeve all finished up and the second in progress. I’m enjoying the fresh, original construction of the this sweater – short rows and grafting are used to shape the shoulders and sleeves. It keeps me on my toes and pushed me to make sure my wrap and turns are nice and neat. Also grafting 90+ stitches taught me that my kitchener isn’t the neatest, but I don’t think anyone but me will notice.

Reading: I finished Station Eleven earlier this week. I loved it. One of the better books I have read in awhile. I loved it’s clean, beautiful writing along with the creative weaving together of each of the characters’ lives through flashbacks and glimpses of their individual experiences struggling through the terrifying events once humanity is wiped out by disease. It is a dystopian novel, but not the kind you’ve come to expect lately. For a book about the end of humanity, it held a lot of beautiful insights into how we define our lives and persevere.

Now I’m reading The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell.

Watching: I finished Daredevil on Netflix this weekend. I was really getting into it, and then it’s over. Binge watching has that effect, I suppose. Now I’m trying to find something new to pick up, but I’m not feeling very inspired to hunt out something. In the mean time, I may just rewatch Game of Thrones to pass the time.

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20 Comments on Growing romance

  1. I loved Station Eleven – it was one of my favorite books last year! Love that blue you used for your cardigan, and the lace panel is so pretty!

    • Thanks, Wendy! I picked up Station Eleven because I had heard so many good things about it. And it didn’t disappoint!

  2. I’m so far behind on tv that I haven’t been able to start Daredevil yet-I’m so excited for it, though! I absolutely love the color for your Old Romance cardigan-it really makes the white lace pop, and the blue just looks so saturated and rich-it’s going to be beautiful!

    • Thanks, Kat. Daredevil was great. I can’t wait for the next season. One of the better superhero TV shows, for sure!

  3. I love the combination of colours you chose for you project, the blue and white reminds me of Delfts Blauw.

    Have fun reading The Bone Clocks. I really enjoyed the story but lost my reading mojo once again before reaching the end. Still have a 100 pages or so left.

    • I haven’t gotten into Bone Clocks very much yet. If I don’t pick things up, I might run out of time before it has to go back to the library.

  4. Oh, I love your color combination! Such a fresh and bold pairing. And I’ll have to check out Station Eleven – I really enjoy well-written sci-fi, and interwoven storylines are one of my favorite literary structures.

    • You will probably love Station Eleven, then. It is such a well written book. And there are so many intricate connections between the characters that I feel you would pick up something new each time you read it.

    • Thank you! The lace is quite lovely. I’ve never worked this pattern before and I love these falling leaves it created.

    • Thanks, Steph. I couldn’t pass up this beautiful blue yarn even though I don’t generally knit very much with blues.

    • Thanks, Evelyn. I’m excited to get it finished so I can add it to my wardrobe. The yarn is so soft and drapey. Sometimes I find myself petting it more than knitting on it. 😉

    • Thanks, Lucy. This blue is not something I would usually be drawn to. I don’t have a lot of blue in my wardrobe. But it was so pretty that I took a chance.

  5. I can’t wait to start Daredevil myself! I’m sooo out of the habit of commenting lately, bad me! Your project looks stunning. I love that blue!

    • Hey Emily! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been really bad about commenting lately, too, so no worries. I totally understand. I’m still reading blogs, but things are just really busy at the end of the semester.

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