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Project: April Stitch Surfer Socks

Pattern: Stitch Sufer

Yarn: Turtlepurl Striped Turtle Toes and Knit Picks Stroll Fingering Solid

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I’ve finished my socks for Liesl’s sock challenge with time to spare this month. I was still in a rather yellow state of mind after last month’s socks. I had almost a full skein of the yarn left, so I dug through my sock yarn scraps (which I apparently think will just spontaneously knit itself into a beekeeper quilt without me) and found some complimentary yarn which just happened to be rather stripy. Perfect chance to try out Stitch Surfer, as it had been on my sock queue for a good while.

The pattern was …fine. It made sense and it was relatively easy to follow once you got started. But I’m not totally in love with it. There are aspects, like the visible wrap and turn on the bottom/back of the socks that I’m not a fan of. And the heel did not make any sense to me in the pattern. I worked it for the first sock, but it was way to short and squat for my liking. I don’t know if I just didn’t work it correctly, as this was a new way to work heels to me, or if that’s just the way it is. Either way, I ripped it out and worked a regular short row heel.

The pattern takes a really creative approach to sock construction, though. And for me it had a nice integration of mindless stockinette + interesting design elements to keep the knitting entertaining without being too complicated. It’s this balance that makes for perfect commuting knitting.

Photo Apr 25, 8 19 12 PM Photo Apr 25, 8 18 55 PM
I also ran into an issue with row gauge. For reasons that, to me, seem to defy basic physics, my row gauge changed when I switched the colors for the second sock. I think the problem arouse from the slight difference in thickness between the two yarns, but I still do not understand why simply working them in a different order changed the row height. It caused my curves to not exactly match up across the two socks, especially on the leg, although they have the same measurements. It’s not something you really notice without close examination, but it bothers me just a bit.

Overall, I like these socks. They are pretty funky and fun. They are bright and happy. And the project allowed me to explore a completely new and totally creative way to build socks. Plus, this pattern is a really great way to use up the larger chunks of left over sock yarn I find myself with because apparently my feet are freakishly teeny tiny.

I’m really looking forward to knitting up next month’s socks. I picked up some brand new striped Turtletoes yarn at this past weekend’s Toronto Knitter’s Frolic and let me just say it is splendid and happy and, and, well, just look at it..

Photo Apr 25, 8 48 39 PMI’m hoping to stretch this into two pairs of socks, one for myself and one for my sister. Because who doesn’t need bright rainbow striped socks to cheer them up every once in awhile?

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  1. Those look fun! You really picked great yarns for that pair. Looking forward to the rainbow socks, too-knit ALL the bright colors! 🙂

    • You notice the difference in the gauge if you line the socks up side-by-side, but otherwise it’s pretty unnoticeable. 🙂

  2. I’m playing catch up on your blog! You’ve been busy 🙂
    These socks are awesome, very unusual looking (which I love!). Did you post about Knitter’s Frolic because that sounds like fun.

    PS: I’ve been bingeing on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt too – hilarious!

    • I didn’t blog the Frolic this year. 🙁 I was in a rush because I had to proctor an exam that afternoon. And they were also being very stingy about allowing outside photography, this year.

  3. That news yarn is do drool-worthy, those are going to be some amazing socks! And those stitch surfer socks look like a lot of fun to make.

    • The new socks are working up great. I love them already. It’s so fun to watch the stripes form as you knit.

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