This past week, I’ve been working on realizing a knitting goal of mine: designing my own knitting patterns. Pattern design is something I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at for awhile now, but every time I would spend any amount of time pondering the idea, I would talk myself out of it. It was something I wanted to do, but also a prospect I was completely daunted by.

I have designed and self-published several crochet patterns before (I even had two featured in a book several years ago), but making the leap in knitting just completely scared the crap out of me. I think part of it was that I hadn’t convinced myself that I was comfortable enough with knitting techniques to apply them in new ways or without the guidance a pattern provides. Another part of me felt afraid that I would have nothing new to bring to knitting, I wouldn’t have a voice anyone wanted to hear, I wouldn’t have designs anyone would be particularly interested in. After knitting up so many patterns from some talented and well-established designers, the prestigious world of knitting design just seemed so glamorous, polished, and out of my reach.

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But I really, really just needed to get over myself. Often it is the things that really scare us that end up pushing us to a better place. I’m not too shabby at knitting. I have ideas. And I change patterns for myself all the time. What am I so afraid of? Why not just give it a try? (Plus, I have you guys to help build up my confidence, right?)

So, I started charting patterns, I started swatching, and I started playing around with some ideas over the past couple of days.

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It’s still completely scary and I still find myself doubting my designs and ideas more than I would like. But I’m also stubborn. When I set my mind to an idea, I become a bit obsessed with it. It’s like I’m wearing blinders and everything else just falls away until I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to do. When I get started on something, it basically drives me nuts until I worked to a level that I feel satisfied.

So I’ll keep reading up on design (the Ravelry group is, of course, great), stashing away stitch inspirations, and swatching until that crazy part of my brain is silenced. And maybe at the end, I’ll have a new pattern or two to share.

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  1. you can totally do it! Designing is a lot of work, but I find the only way you really learn is by getting a pattern out there (one that’s test knitted/tech edited, of course).

  2. Brandy, I have absolutely no doubt you will be a fabulous knitwear designer! You always inspire me with your knitting and how you fearlessly modify patterns and it all comes out so beautifully! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    • Oh, definitely, Kylie! I know you are busy, but you are on the top of my list for future test knitters. 🙂

  3. this was a lovely inspiring post to read – I can’t wait to really throw myself into designing more, and I really love your first design that you’ve released 🙂 jenny xx

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