Slide1I’ve been collecting together ideas, colors, pictures, and patterns that have been inspired my knitting, and I thought it might be fun to share some of the things that have been on my mind lately.

For May, I’m totally smitten with the soft, delicate cherry blossoms that have popped (seemingly overnight) on campus. So I’ve really found myself drawn to pretty light pinks and other floral inspired hues. On my walk to the subway each morning, I pass a shop window featuring the beautiful pairing of sky blue and khaki tan, and I find myself loving that combination more and more each time I pass by. I’ve also found myself really enjoying the eyelet lace trend that seems to have popped up this spring in the knit-iverse. Spring is perfect for lace, and the eyelets bring an endless amount of possibilities for working modern looking, yet light and feminine, accessories.

You can find each of these inspirations, plus more, on my May Inspirations Pinterest board.

So, what are your spring and summer knitting inspirations this year?


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  1. i find myself drawn toward seasonal colors, too….can you imagine ME knitting with a soft, pale, lighter-than-robin’s egg- blue??? 🙂 It seems it’s just the thing to do!

  2. Spring also always draws me to more pastel colours, and especially the blossoms that are out everywhere right now are very inspiring. And I agree, this is the perfect time for lace knitting.

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