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This week…

Knitting: My May socks for Liesl’s challenge are chugging right along. And they make me happy. I’ll be sitting on the subway, lost in my own little world, just chugging out some gray stockinette, and then POW! Rainbow power!

I don’t know why self-striping yarn has such a power over me, but it really is something a bit magical. The stripes, they just appear. I oddly derive such satisfaction at just watching the stripes appear. And from my own personal experience, I have to say that rainbow stripes are some of the best stripes you can have magically manifest from your needles. This pair will be a birthday present for my sister, who, I’m sure, will be so impressed at my superhuman ability to make stripes spontaneously appear in my knitting.

Reading: I’ve fallen so behind on reading. Lately my mind has just been taken over with knitting design. I’ve been reading up a lot on design principles and tips on self-publishing, as well as just sketching, diagraming, and collecting inspirations. And I haven’t budgeted very well for my personal reading time, which has left me about 50 pages into Shadow Scale, the sequel to the great Seraphina by Rachel Hartman. This stalling is in no way a reflection of the book, but just priorities at the moment. I will get back on schedule, soon, I hope, if I want to make my Good Reads goal for this year.

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  1. I love those rainbow socks, they look so happy and amazing! what a fantastic self-striping yarn, the results are pretty darn fantastic.

  2. Nothing beats rainbow stripes! 🙂 I also love self striping yarn and very secretly I love it even more that my non yarnie friends have no idea self striping yarn exists and are super impressed by my striping skills.

    • Exactly!! I’ve had people watch me knitting the striped socks on the subway and still ask how I get them to stripe. It’s magic.

    • It’s from Turtlepurl yarns, one of her Striped Turtle Toes colorways. Her selfstriping yarns are amazing and beautiful. You can find her on Etsy.

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