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My first knitting patterns have been released! You can find them either on Ravelry or in the Pattern shop here on my blog. The Blossom cap and cowl are a matching set of light-weight accessories that together use that special single skein of fingering weight yarn you have in the stash.

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The design started with the cap. I was inspired by the beautiful cherry blossoms that seem to magically appear overnight on campus each year. And for me, the warmer time of the year is the perfect time to show off some lace knitting. All of that got wrapped up together in my brain and turned into the Blossom Cap. And I just happened to have the perfect skein of pale pink yarn stashed away …sometimes hoarding yarn for the right project pays off. With a good chunk of yarn left over after the cap was finished, a matching Blossom Cowl just seemed like a perfect way to continue the design.

I’m so excited to get this design released, so I’m offering a special: if you purchase both patterns you save 25%. And I have to send out a big, ginormous thank you to my test knitters: Tahnée and Steph for helping me both patterns ready for release.

Speaking of test knitting, I’ve started a Ravelry group for my designs that I’m hoping to use as a spot to post about test knitting opportunities for upcoming patterns. If you are interested in test knitting for me (or you just want to stay up-to-date on pattern releases), please feel free to join.

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  1. How exciting! The cap is really pretty and congrats on the pattern release!

    Oh and I did discover something that might help with the disappearing library ebooks – with my ones anyway so long as I don’t connect the kindle to the wireless then I can continue reading the book even after it “expires”. It only disappears once I reconnect it to the internet so I always keep my kindle in airplane mood unless I’m downloading books and it makes the battery last longer too!

    • Thanks, Martina!

      And thanks for the tip, too. I do that for my Nook, too, but it’s harder for my iPad, which I’ve been using more for reading lately.

  2. These are such a gorgeous set – and I spotted the hat pattern on Tahnee’s blog and fell in love straight away 🙂 thank you too for visiting my blog!
    I’ve joined the Ravelry group and hopefully will get to chat and work with you on patterns in the future more! Really lovely blog and designs 🙂 jenny xx

  3. A very pretty and perfectly delicate set for spring, and I just love the color you chose. Congrats on your first knitting pattern – what an exciting milestone!

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