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This week…

Knitting: For the past few weeks, I have been on such a knitting kick – really inspired to get some more knitting designs released. But I have so much actual work I need to do to collect the data I need to finish my Ph.D. in the next year. All this silly work stuff is much less fun than knitting and is really starting to eat into my crafty time. It doesn’t help that my knitting motivations are so high and my work motivations are much, much lower. But I’ve gotten things done (it helps when you have an hour commute to work each way). I finished adapting my Mont Royal sock motif into a pair of fingerless mittens, which are blocking today. (I love love love leafy lace motifs, and I may be especially biased towards this one, so I’m totally milking it for all it’s worth with the beautiful yarn I got from Riverside Studios.) They will have a matching hat soon I hope, if I can find some time to swatch for gauge on a slightly larger needle.

I also, restarted my poor sweater. I got all the way up to the armholes, but didn’t like how it was fitting (what did I think would happen with 2″ positive ease?!). So now we’re back at the bottom with a bit more fit calculated into the pattern. This thing is going to happen…someday.

Reading: I’m about half way through Crown of Midnight, the second book in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. I am enjoying this series, but I’m also kind of glad they are just library books because they aren’t turning out to be a series I would keep long term. But the characters are interesting, the magic and mythology are intriguing, and the action keeps my attention. So they are getting the job done.

Watching: Bob’s Burgers is entertaining me right now. And I can do a pretty decent Linda voice, which amuses me. I’m really looking forward to the new season of Orange is the New Black this weekend – good tv for marathon knitting sessions.

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8 Comments on Not enough knitting time

  1. I love the stitch pattern you’ve used for those mits, so pretty! I wish I had more of a knitting mojo lately, I’m feeling rather distracted. Doesn’t help that I’ve discovered a new author and I’m working my way through his books (Peter V Brett)

  2. Love the mitts! It can be so hard to find time-I feel like I’m constantly making lists to help me prioritize things in whatever time I can grab. I’m almost caught up on spring tv finales, so I’ve been trying to curate a summer Netflix list.

  3. those are some seriously gorgeous mitts! I don’t know many people who aren’t struggling to find more time for the things they love, like knitting. I wish I had some solutions, but I struggle with this all the time.

  4. the socks are coming along beautifully and the pattern appears to be spot-on so far… glad to see it reappearing in the mitts, and look forward to the hat!!! Leaves—-love those leaves!!!!! 🙂

  5. That leaf motif is GORGEOUS, especially paired with the beautiful green colourway. Finding time to knit all the things on our wish list is so tough, especially when there are sooo many beautiful new patterns coming out everyday. I try to always have a project on hand for those little blocks of free time that come up during a day. Ten minutes here and there eventually adds up.

  6. Gah! I love the stitch pattern even more every time I see it! Fantastic in mitt version! I hear you on the PhD data collection … I remember feeling similarly pulled toward my creative (crafty) pursuits at the same phase of mine … you can do it! Maybe use knitting as your reward for dissertation progress???

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