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Since last week, I’ve made good progress on my cardigan design. Last week I finished up the body and got it blocked. And last night I finished the first sleeve. (It took me three tries to get the sleeve perfect, so it gosh darn better fit into the armsceye like a glove. Don’t fail me now, math).

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I’m quite enamored with this sweater. I generally have fond feelings of almost everything I knit, because making a sweater/hat/pair of socks/blanket/whatever appear from a pile of yarn just makes us knitters pretty awesome people in my book. But this sweater is born not just from a pile of yarn, but also from an idea in my head. Having a tangible, physical object come from a thought is kind of blowing my mind.

Photo Jun 25, 8 38 54 AMI designed this sweater with only myself in mind. I wanted an interesting cable detail down the back (check). I wanted pockets to carry around my keys at work (check). And I wanted it to be fitted, but easily slide over another top (the math tells me this should be a check). I think I will grade the pattern for multiple sizes and take a crack at writing up the pattern. I want to get into garment design and this is good practice. I am a little overwhelmed with the idea of writing up the pattern because I fear no one will understand the pattern. But that’s a problem for Future Brandy – for now I will just enjoy finishing up the sweater and adding it to my wardrobe. Because, look, I made this!


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  1. Looks like you are in the right path! I have also in mind to knit me a cardigan with a cable down the back. I haven’t thought of pockets but sounds like a perfect addition! I wish you the best for your pattern-baby! If Future Brandy needs help in the test knitting, please let me know!

  2. I love the pink in the pocket! And the braid cable looks so good in that grey-I can’t wait to see it all seamed up and finished! I’m sure you’ll get plenty of wear out of it, it looks perfect so far.

  3. Oh my gosh, it looks great! I love that cable design.
    Let me know when you’re looking for test knitters… I can’t always take on projects this big but I’d love to make this if the timing is right!

    • It would be awesome to have you test knit this for me! I still have to grade the sleeves and start actually writing the pattern, so I will definitely keep you in the loop. I think it would be great for a fall release, so I probably would be able to do a longer test knit phase. 🙂

  4. It looks good already! I cross my fingers for you that the sleeve fits the armpit great that you went through with all this! It’s dogged that does it!

  5. Hurrah! I’m still impressed with your persistence, when something gets buggered up I usually have to put the project in “time out” for awhile! Looks amazing!

    • Sometimes, I have to put things aside for awhile, too and cool down. But sometimes I get really stubborn and just don’t want something to get the best of me. It’s my pride.

  6. Wow this looks amazing! You really do inspire me so much with your designing journey, this is something I really want to get into more with myself, and seeing you do it (and so well) is wonderful, and your cardigan is looking beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂 jenny xx

    • Thanks, Jenny. It was scary at first and I still worry about failing all the time. But it also is a fun challenge and a very rewarding creative outlet.

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