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First of all – Happy Canada day to all my Canadian readers out there!

Secondly, go, go, go enter to win a free copy of my Mont Royal Socks pattern over at Emily’s blog!

And last, but not least, it’s finished! This past weekend I put the finishing touches on my cable cardigan and gave it one final block. And since then, I’ve been proudly wearing it to fend off the cool days we’ve had here lately. It’s just what I wanted – a light-weight sweater that is easy to toss on top of a tank as I dash out the door.

The only thing that’s catching me up right now is a name. I’m really horrible at coming up with names for designs. Andy’s great at these sort of things, but he’s being absolutely no help to me with this cardigan. There’s got to be a more creative name out there than Cable Cardigan. Help me! What catchy name does this sweater scream to you?

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Designing this cardigan really taught me a lot: how to evenly space body shaping on a project worked flat, how to work pockets seamlessly with the body, how to calculate the rate of neck shaping on a v-neck, and how calculate the sleeve cap size for set-in sleeves. The sleeves were probably the absolute hardest part, but these articles from Knitty helped me with understanding the underlying principles, and more importantly, the math.

It has still been a giant headache grading the sleeve cap for other sizes, but I think I finally have all the grading tackled and I’ve begun writing up the first draft of the pattern.

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I think this will be the first pattern I seek out a tech editor before test knitting. There is just so many things going on at the same time in the pattern (like waist shaping + pockets), that I want to make sure the pattern is as clear and easy to follow as possible, especially since it is my first major garment pattern. If you have suggestions for affordable tech editors that are great with newbie pattern writers like myself, I am on the hunt and definitely welcome any and all suggestions.

I’m really excited to accomplish this goal. Now I’m looking forward to sharing it with my fellow knitters. Soon…

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16 Comments on Cables and pockets

  1. It’s finished!!! It looks great, Brandy! Well knowing that you’ve had so many problems getting the math & fitting right, why not call it ‘Enigma’ or ‘Impasse’? Or to celebrate your succes that it did work out: ‘Triumph’? Or translate it to another language: ‘Vinst’ of ‘Seger’ or ‘Framgång’ is Swedish for succes. Just thinking out loud 😀

  2. Beautiful! Sounds like it was a great learning experience 🙂 Sometimes I’ll wait and see if something “feels” like a certain name, or I’ll pick an attribute about it and search meanings on baby name sites (eg, my Tessa shawl was stuck in my head as “sunny yellow,” but some digging led me to Tessa, derived from Theresa, from the Greek word for summer). Other times I see if it feels like someone I know, then pick a name to honor them (eg, Acton Socks were made for my mum, who spent her early childhood in a town called Acton). When you stumble across the right name, you’ll know it. Good luck!

  3. Fabulous, well done – I can’t imagine doing the math for all the sizes!! It looks gorgeous, and as for a name, I’m feeling a girls name, but which one I’m not quite sure!!

  4. Love it, and will buy once it’s ready to go. I’ve been looking for exactly that kind of cardigan and haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

  5. yippee congratulations! the cardigan looks absolutely marvellous and it looks like a lot of love and care went into it’s design! Oh someone commented ‘Rapunzel’ as a name – that its a wonderful idea, to go with the cable down the back! jenny xx

  6. oh my gosh that cardigan is perfection!! I absolutely adore everything about it, and the pop of colour at the pockets is awesome. It fits you so well, and looks amazing! Well done, you!

  7. Wow! Absolutely lovely. It is a perfect fit, and I love the colour pocket. If votes for names count, I really think Rapunzel is appropriate. This is going right into my queue when it’s published.

  8. I love this cardigan so much!! It’s simply stunning, the simplicity of it but still the addition of the cable and the pockets. Looks like something I would wear all the time.

  9. This is fab fab fab!!! Please give me a heads up when you’re ready to publish it, or give you want a test knitter because I really want this cardigan! I can never find ones I like with pockets in them!! Congrats it’s beautiful!

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