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The Rapunzel Cardigan pattern is now available (thanks to Steph  Misty for suggesting the great name – I loved it and it seemed several other readers did, too!). You can find the pattern for sale on Ravelry or here on the blog.

Designing this sweater was such an experience. It really pushed me to brush up on my math skills, conquer Excel functions, and better understand how different parts of the sweater fit together. (I’m looking at you tricky sleeve cap! I finally conquered you and I want the world to know and celebrate with me.) This pattern was also my first experience working with a tech editor (hi, Holly!) And it was a great experience. I was so nervous about releasing this pattern and having someone go through and double check everything helps me feel much more confident (and sleep easier at night).



So now I can declare delightedly, I am so excited to release this pattern. Because I love this sweater (wear it all the time in the cold, cold lab), so I hope it finds some love out there with my fellow knitters, too.

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  1. I think you must have given up sleeping in lieu of designing! This one is great, and I can’t believe the rate that you are putting out patterns!! I think the name is absolutely perfect for this pattern…..but, since I don’t have a creative bone in my body, I wasn’t the one who originally suggested it!! (I would hate to take undeserved credit here!) This one is going to be a best seller, I’m sure!

    • Thanks, Steph. It does feel like I’m lacking on sleep a bit lately, but I think it’s the hot, humid apartment (which also isn’t a great knitting environment) that is keeping me awake these days.

    • I think all labs must be kept too cold in the summer. Instead of increasing my productivity it just makes me want to get outside and warm up more than ever. 😉

    • Thank you! I hadn’t knit up a cardigan with seamless pockets, but it was so simple. I will definitely add them to more projects because I use them all the time.

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