Morocco Sweater Stitched Up in Toronto  
Morocco Sweater  Stitched Up in Toronto 
The past few days have been pretty warm, Canadianly speaking. With no air conditioning in the apartment, we basically throw open the windows each night hoping to draw in some of the cooler air to trap it inside during the day. Then turn the fans on as high as they can handle and drink lots of iced tea. It’s  almost liveable, but I am hoping for some cooler days soon, if only to make knitting more enjoyable. (And for poor Rufus, who must be burning up all day long, poor kid.)


Fortunately, none of my current projects have grown too large, so knitting is still mostly tolerable. Which is a small blessing because work has me a little stressed at the moment. I cannot believe that July is already gone! I know data has gotten collected and things have been accomplished, but it doesn’t feel like as much has happened this summer as I was hoping. I know this is almost always the case – time flies and I feel like I’m getting left behind. Every year, I convince myself I will bend time and space and defy physics, but it hasn’t seemed to happen just yet. Things usually never as bad as I think they are, but this year is a little different. With July gone this year, it really is hitting me that I have less than a year left on my student visa. The deadline of finishing my Ph.D. feels very real. Stress + heat = insomnia.

So the creative outlet (and distraction) of knitting has been needed lately, because it’s no use just sitting around hoping and wishing that lab work would go faster than it is physically possible. It’ll be what it will be. And I know things will get finished up, even if I have to compromise on everything being perfectly perfect all the time, because I know myself and my limits. And I’ve never let these things get the best of me before. (Not to mention, I’m also really, really looking forward to being Dr. Velten soon.)

I’ve also taken time to relax and read a bit more before bed. I’m almost through with Shadow Scale and have been eyeing my book shelf, trying to decide what I’m in the mood for next. A happy escape is instore, I think. Some nice summer reading. 

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  1. Ugh, the heat gets miserable, doesn’t it? Sorry you’re having to deal with stress on top of it. I have the utmost faith that you’ll get everything done for your PhD. Hope you find a way to dial back some of the stress-and keep cool!

  2. Tell me about heat and no AC! I live a bit south of you (Wisconsin) and we also have no AC. Mostly we just deal with it. I like to comfort myself by thinking about how fans use less energy than AC.

    Both my kid are in grad school: son in vet school and daughter doing Ph.D. in criminology. They talk about the same time crunch you do. Grad school is not easy!

    • Now I don’t feel so bad about complaining about the heat. I was feeling like I was a whiney non-Canadian who didn’t know how to deal (since I’m used to having AC available!). I find myself constantly moving around our fans in the apartment to see if I can find the secret spot for keeping things cooler. 😉

  3. so sorry that you are feeling PhD stress, especially with the heat! I hope the knitting is helping to soothe the jagged edges of feeling stressed.

  4. i do think that the stress is just a part of the phd process!!! I love your attitude, though, and you WILL get through it and you WILL be Dr. Velten very soon!!!! Kudos all around!!! (love the project!)

  5. I can sympathize. All that makes a person crazy. Hang in there and keep reminding yourself that the end is near.

    Beautiful project photos. The subtleties in the yarn work great work the stitch pattern.

    • Thanks, Christine. We have a long weekend coming up and I’m looking forward to not thinking about work for a bit. I think a little break is exactly what I need to get my mind back on track.

  6. It’s been heating up in the Bay Area too. It’s like low 70’s in San Francisco and that is very rare in the summer. Usually October has what we call an Indian Summer. In the South Bay we’ve been getting 90°+.

  7. Hope knitting is soothing the stress as much as possible! And what a heatwave that sounds like! We are having a very cold and wet summer so far in the UK – which may sound like normal but even in July it should be a bit warmer than this! Plus side – lots of knitting has been done and it doesn’t really matter how big my projects get 🙂 jenny x

    • I love summer here in Canada, for the most part. It sure beats the Texas summers I grew up with. But without any air conditioning, I find myself complaining when things get a bit hot.

  8. We have seemed to have one heat wave after another this summer, in Seattle. Starting yesterday through early next week, our already 80 degree temperatures will be soaring into the mid 90’s again and I am not a fan of it! I miss my cool, breezy, rainy city. I hope you get some relief soon. Until then, sit very still and knit or read!

    • I’m not a fan of it, either, especially when it lasts for days. The temperature in our apartment has reached a critical level, but fortunately we are supposed to start cooling down back into the high 70’s starting this weekend. Phew.

  9. Last summer it was so hot here and I was on a baby blanket deadline that I knit with ice blocks from the freezer tucked around me! It’s very pretty yarn, and definitely worth the heat!

    • I can just imagine this site. I haven’t pulled the ice cubes out of the freezer quite yet, but I might be getting there. Our apartment has been sitting at 30C for a couple days now. The forecast calls for some cooler weather starting this weekend, though.

  10. As I tell my son, who just entered the last year of his Chemistry PhD, everything will get done in the appropriate time and worrying doesn’t make it better. Keep knitting to ease your stress. I love the yarn you are working with. The colorway is just gorgeous. Try to stay cool. Your dog is cute too. Good luck with your lab work.

  11. Honestly that feeling of dread that you’re not going to get it all done doesn’t go away……that’s the bad news! But the good news is that you end up getting so much done in the last few months that it makes you wonder how you even managed to do it. Just keep going….don’t freak out and keep knitting that helps!!

  12. I also cannot belief where time is going and was expecting to have made much more progress with my current running experiments so far. But nothing to be done about it but accept it and stay calm. So exciting that you have less than a year left, I’m sure it’ll all work out and being dr. Velten will feel so good! 🙂

  13. I feel your pain – our a/c broke down last week and it has been pretty bad! Especially for the cats and hamster who have been stuck in the apartment where it is worst 🙁

  14. Complaining about the weather is a Canadian past time. You may have picked it up from the rest of us. 😉

    I would love to know what the pink variegated yarn is…it is lovely!

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