Ariel sweater by Brandy Velten Ariel sweater by Brandy VeltenI’ve been chugging away on my new sweater design. Lots and lots of smocking. As I kept working, the design reminded me a bit of scales. Not icky, fishy scales (sorry fishes, I don’t actually think you are icky at all), but more like the feminine, alluring scales like you would find on a mermaid, you know, if mermaids were an actual thing. And because I’m grew up as young child of the early 90’s, there’s one Disney-inspired mermaid that is very near and dear to my heart. So I think I will call this sweater Ariel and just keep the fairy tale theme that started with my Rapunzel cardigan going.

(When I was growing up I had a pool in my yard. And I have very vivid memories of pretending to be Ariel, the Little Mermaid, and being captured and hoping to be rescued – the whole bit. I also had an Ariel doll who’s hair met its match swimming in that pool constantly. So there’s a not so tiny part of me that is quite fond of wearing an Ariel-inspired sweater around the halls and pretending to be a mermaid again, secretly. Shh. Don’t tell.)

I’ve finished the smocking of the body of the sweater, which ends at the armhole. Now I’ve just got to finish up the back and front and get started on the sleeves. I am going to try seamless set-in sleeves worked from the armhole down. I have convinced myself that grading it will be easier than a sleeve cap, but I haven’t actually done any math yet, so that idea may quickly go out the window.

I have also finished Shadow Scale. I’ve moved on to Prince of Thorns, which I picked up at the used book store. I’m not sure on it right now. I iffy on the writing style and I’m also not entirely sure what is going on. Maybe that is the way it is meant to be… I don’t know. I’ll give it a little more time before I really formulate my opinion.

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(Guys, I totally thought today was Wednesday, when I do my usual link ups. I didn’t realize I put this up a day late until I was riding the bus home. I blame the Canadian long weekend.)


10 Comments on I will call her Ariel

  1. I love the mermaid-ness of this sweater, that is such a great little story from your childhood, too! I pretended to be a mermaid when I was little, as well. I think Ariel spawned a lot of mermaid fantasies for a lot of little girls! I wonder if Frozen has a similar affect, and now little girls want to be powerful ice princesses?

  2. It does look like scales, well chosen name! And I too was a little girl in the early 90s, so your pool story sounds so familiar! (not that I had a pool at home, but as a kid you can pretend that anything is the ocean)

  3. Beautiful idea to go with the Princess theme. When you are done you should totally stick with this theme – could see a book coming out of this!

  4. PERFECT name for your next sweater – and certainly a great theme you’ve landed on that would be great to continue 🙂 Prince of Thorns – i’ve avoided this bok as my friends who have the same taste in books as me (epic fantasy, fantasy etc) really loathed it – I’d be interested to see how you get on? jenny xx

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