To coincide with the release of my new City Lights Beanie pattern, I wanted to show off a couple of the great projects from the test knit.

City Lights Beanie by Snapdragon Crafts

First, Emily’s hat came out wonderfully! As her base color, she used a splatter-dyed yarn, which are so popular right now and I absolutely love. She then used the pink and blue flecks in her base yarn to pick her contrast colors for the colorwork arrows. And it looks great! I also really love her ginormous pompom on the top there. The finished hat is bright, cheery, and makes me happy to look at.

City Lights Beanie by IrkedTurtleThen there is Keiran’s brillant take on the hat. With the dark grey background, the neon colorwork just pops. This cap totally embodies the spirit and name of the pattern. Why didn’t I think about doing this pattern on a dark background?! Now that I see it, I totally want to knit one just like this for myself. Because who doesn’t need three versions of the same hat for every possible outfit. 😉

Inspired? Pick up a free copy of the pattern for yourself! And thank you to all my awesome test knitters – you guys are always so inspiring!

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