A few weeks ago, Andy and I flew to Dallas to visit his family and meet our new (and first!) little niece, Miss Findley Jane. She was only a month old (still so tiny!) and I had great fun snuggling with her on our short visit. Next time I see her, she is likely to be so much bigger, so I had to get in as much baby time as possible. And you can believe lots of knitted goodies are in her future, not that Dallas has much of a call for knitted wear. I already have several adorable little dresses on my queue, though, just waiting for her to grow a wee bit bigger.

The trip really was a baby palooza. It seems like all the cousins in Andy’s family are popping out babies left and right. I am a little biased, though, and was very excited to meet wee little Keith, who is lucky enough to have our best man as his dad. That kid has good taste. Unfortunately, I was too busy cuddling to snap some pictures, but take my word that he is quite the handsome fellow.

Both Keith’s mom and pop are alumni of Texas Tech University, which of course means, they are giant fans of the Texas Tech football team. And that means Keith is a Texas Tech fan, whether he knows it or not (although Andy and I seriously take our responsibility to show him the light and make sure he chooses the best Texas university, Texas A&M). So I brought Keith his first Texas Tech swag, so he can support his team this fall.

Photo Aug 19, 8 36 44 PM (1) Photo Aug 19, 8 36 31 PM


I used the Baby Sophisticate pattern (which is free and awesome) and then used duplicate stitch to add the double T. Can’t wait to see him sporting his sweater when he attends his first football game this fall.

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    • I don’t know why, but I am always surprised and amused by how tiny baby cardigans are. And so quick, too! They are definitely fun knits.

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