Julie, over at Knitted Bliss, does such great and thoughtful reviews of recent knitting publications. She inspired me to try my own hand at wrangling up my favorite designs and sharing what I love about them, especially now that I find myself paying more and more attention to the details that make unique and beautiful knitting designs.

So my first go will be the latest issue of Knitscene – Winter, 2015. Overall, at first glance at this issue, I was a little underwhelmed. I’m going to chalk that up to a difference in personal style, but I felt some of the designs just were not that fashion-forward or innovative. It seemed a little boring for a winter issue when knits should be center stage. But, that being said, there were some stand-outs that I particularly loved.

Yorkville wrap - Knitscene, Winter 2015 Yorkville wrap - Knitscene, Winter 2015

Design: Yorkville Wrap by Sachiko Burgin

What I love about it: This wrap looks so amazingly cozy and incredibly stylish. I love it’s unique v-shaped design with beautiful lace edging, and I love how they styled it the photo shoot. Sachiko is a Toronto knit-wear designer (who happens to work at one of our awesome yarn shops) and this wrap is named for a pretty swanky part of town. I can perfectly image walking around Yorkville on a sunny winter afternoon (do we have those in Toronto?) with some tall boots, sunglasses, a stylish hat and fitting right in. But I would also wear this wrap just about everywhere, and would look pretty darn good, too. I also love that this design would look pretty spectacular in just about any type of yarn: tweed for a bit of a rustic, cabin & campfire feel, variegated for a bit of fun, or a real bright neon for a statement accessory.

Anything else?: I wish I had thought of this clever wrap shape! I hope it takes off and we see lots more.

Field Notes cardigan - Knitscene, Winter 2015 Field Notes cardigan - Knitscene, Winter 2015

Design: Field Notes Cardigan by Jenn Emerson

What I love about it: This is one smart cardigan. With polished set-in sleeves and a shawl collar, I especially love how it calls back to the beautiful knitwear of the 1950’s, which is entirely encapsulated by the name of the cardigan. But this design isn’t stuck in the past, with  extra long sleeves and body, it also has a modern touch. I really think this classic design has the potential for becoming a staple in anyone’s wardrobe, worn season after season.

Anything else?: I’m just a little puzzled by the asymmetry of the body. I like the idea of an asymmetry that calls to mind a double-breasted sweater, however I’m not sure it comes through fully in this design. To me, with the styling of the sweater, it kind of just looks like your cardigan is crooked, which is really what I was convinced of when I first saw the photos. For me, I think this sweater looks best worn open.

Deep Woods touque - Knitscene, Winter 2015

Design: Deep Woods Toque by Kiyomi Burgin

What I love about it: I think this is my absolute favorite design in the issue, and I think it may all come down to the amazing color combination. I like bright things and unexpected color combinations, and the accent of bright peach against the deep brown and emerald green is perfect to me. I would make this hat exactly like it is. And I really love the simple stranded design of the bare trees around the circumference of the cap. With the double-wrapped, extra tall ribbing I also know this hat would actually keep my ears warm during a blustery winter day. You better love knitting up ribbing if you are going to tackle this one (and I do!).

Anything else?: Get this hat on my head right now!

That’s all for me. So, what were some of your favorite designs from this issue?

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  1. I don’t think I’m likely to do the print knitting magazines, so I’m happy that you are going to review them! I like your approach. So true about that hat, you absoltuely nailed it- it’s the great colour combo. Which makes me think that some of the more lackluster patterns in this issue might be really awesome with the right colours. Ah well, not every issue is going to be a winner.

    • I hope I didn’t sound too much like a downer, but you are likely right – just a few tweaks in the color palette would probably transform some of the designs. Which is why I chalked up my bit of indifference to just differences of taste, because I’m totally on a bright and happy color kick right now.

  2. That shawl really is great, if I had it I would probably live in it. But the hat is by far my favourite too and you’re right that the colour combination is just spot on. But the best thing about this issue is actually the styling of the photoshoots, it looks so fantastic. I mean, who thinks of adding a HUGE origami crane to a knitwear photoshoot?

    • I also really liked the styling of the photoshoot. It was minimal, but really pretty and I loved the brighter colors slashing through the background.

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