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This week…

Knitting: Slow progress is being made on both projects on my needles, but row by row they are growing. They’ve both reached a size that makes them difficult to lug around with me on the subway, which means they only get worked on during the evenings at home. Unfortunately, work has kept me away, so evening knit time is not as abundant as I would like. Combine that with the deadlines looming for some design submissions (and lots of swatching, sketching, and scheming…) and it means that very little time has been available for me to work on finishing up these two sweaters. But they will get there. Eventually.

Fall has also fully soaked into my being, as you can see by my yarn choices for something big, drapey, cozy, and for me-me-me. These four skeins of beauty (all four are Tough Love Sock by SweetGeorgia) are traveling with me daily as my go-to commute knit. Can’t really share much more than that… yet.

Reading: If very little knitting is getting done, you can bet that even less reading is happening. I’m still making my way through Heir of Midnight, which has been exciting and fun and everything a good YA fantasy should be, but I just find myself falling into bed and snoring away with very few pages passing me by.

Basically, I just need way more time. Slow down, time. Let me catch up!

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8 Comments on Time, where’d it go?

  1. I’m loving all those colors! I’m loving the start to fall so far-as much as everyone kept knitting through the summer, everyone seems much more vigorous now! I can’ wait to see what those four skeins end up as 🙂

    • I am totally loving the ramp up of pretty, cabley, comfy things, too. It’s so fun to watch everyone’s progress on such beautiful knits. Again, just not enough time to knit up everything I want!

  2. Cassandra Clare really opened her writing in her Shadowhunter world. I read the first series and after all that needed a break from that world. It was a good series and creative. I love the magenta with the grey. I like reading YA too as I used to be a teacher. I’m reading The King of Attolia, The Queen’s Theif series. Megan Whalen Turner is a clever writer as her books always have an unexpected twist. I had taught the first book to my GATE students. I read the second on my own after discovering there was series and now I’m on the third installment.

  3. preach it – i always feel like I need more time, and I’ve thrown myself into christmas/birthday/etsy knitting and crochet and don’t know where to turn come the evening! best of luck with getting everything done on time! jenny xx

  4. So many lovely projects! I’m also in a phase were knitting only happens in the evenings, but I’ve been working so much it’s only been a row here or there.

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