I hope everyone in Canada had a lovely long Thanksgiving weekend. To me, it’s still a little weird to have Thanksgiving in early October, but Andy and I try to make the best of it.

We had a great weekend. On Friday, we spent the day at the ballpark, watching as our Texas Rangers won in extra innings against the Toronto Bluejays (sorry Bluejays fans, I know you guys want it really badly, but you guys are just going to have to lose today so the Rangers can advance). It was so much fun, even if Andy and I were the only happy ones to leave the stadium that afternoon. The rest of the weekend was filled with beautiful blue skies, puppy walks, and even a little Thanksgiving dinner for two. It was a really nice break from work – the last one until Christmas.

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  1. my cardinals are out of it (honestly, with all their injuries, it’s a miracle they got this far!!!)—so maybe I just have to root for the Rangers? eep….maybe not. (National League girl—through and through…..and then, again, we lived not far from Toronto all those years…..!!!!!) I’m going to really miss baseball season!

  2. Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate thanksgiving. Now I don’t know the first thing about baseball (really even hoping this is the sport you are talking about) but go Texas Rangers!!

  3. sounds like a great celebration! we don’t have thanksgiving at all in the UK, but we have started the (personally, I don’t like this) tradition of black friday sales following the US thanksgiving.
    sounds like a wonderful little break you’ve had though and I love the picture of you two 🙂 jenny xxx

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