The glam of the roaring ’20’s is back in this lovely issue of Pom Pom Quarterly. With an art deco vibe and gorgeous deep colors, I was immediately enamored with the romantic designs of this issue, but there were a few designs that immediately popped out to me. Here are just a few of my favorite pieces from the Winter 2015 issue:

Avalon Ballroom by Clare Lakewood - copyright PomPom Quarterly Avalon Ballroom by Clare Lakewood - copyright PomPom Quarterly

Design: Avalon Ballroom by Clare Lakewood

Why I love it: Look at this scarf. What isn’t to love about it? It features a beautiful, bold, lace motif that is completely reversible, so the scarf looks stunning from both sides. I also love it’s wonderful thickness and size, so you can wrap yourself up in stylish decadence (that’s what the 1920’s were all about, right?) and warmth. To me, this scarf really is a knock out. I would wear it out on the town (if I did that sort of thing), and I’d probably never want to take it off. Good thing it would also probably make a fantastic wrap to keep my bare shoulders warm in my sparkly little number (if I wore that sort of thing). (I might be having a little too much fun imaging wearing this piece out to a speak easy in a lovely flapper dress and a fantastic bob haircut.)

Carlu by Kiyomi Burgin - copyright PomPom Quarterly Carlu by Kiyomi Burgin - copyright PomPom Quarterly

 Design: Carlu by Kiyomi Burgin

Why I love it: I’m a sucker for stranded yoke sweaters – I just love them. And the design on this one is so beautiful in it’s simplicity. You definitely get the art deco vibe from the color work pattern, with a perfect touch of bold femininity. I also love that the design isn’t overwhelming in it’s complexity, which really makes it shine. It’s a perfect sweater for someone with less experience in stranded knitting, just waiting for that perfect pattern with just a touch of color work. And with such a beautiful sweater waiting for you on the other side, why not give it a go! I can just imagine wearing this sweater with a pair of flared slacks, a smart hat, and some stylish heels. It would be an outfit that would make Miss Phryne Fisher proud.

Design: Suffragette by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

Why I love it: Speaking of smart hats, check out this beauty! Suffragette looks stunning, featuring interesting wedges and ridges to provide beautiful shaping and details to this hat. It looks to be a fun knit that will give you a unique and sophisticated hat to wear as the temperatures drop. As someone with very short hair, caps are basically my own defense on bad hair days. This is one hat I definitely wouldn’t mind donning all day long. With such a good looking topper, no one would suspect that anything is amiss underneath.

Be sure to check out all ten of the designs featured in this issue of Pom Pom Quarterly. They all make me want to head out for some cocktails and dancing at the club. Which ones are your favorites?

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  1. I’m still very eagerly awaiting my copy of the new issue, but I’m already so in love with it. It’s nearly impossible to pick a fave, but if I was forced to pick I’d go for Cicely.

  2. i was just paging through my old pom pom mags this afternoon…’s such a great publication, not sure why i failed to re-up my subscription????? Love that scarf, too—good thing I don’t have it, ’cause I’d probably drop everything to cast on.

  3. This is totally a lovely and glam new issue, I’m really impressed with it, too!! I bet that scarf is going to be super popular, who doesn’t love something that pretty and reversible?

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