Happy Veteran’s Day to the all of you in the U.S., happy Remembrance Day to those of you in Canada, and happy Armistice Day in the U.K.!

It’s also sorta kinda maybe my birthday today, too. It’ll be the last birthday of my 20’s. That’s just a little bit scary while still being exciting.

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It has been so long since I’ve done a weekly update. Things have been busy at work as I prepare for two presentations at an upcoming conference, but there still has been lots and lots of knitting going on. Some of it is a tad bit of a secret (which, if you know any knitwear designers is a very exciting term because while it means I can’t share anything with you right now, it means fun stuff is coming up in the near future), but there’s plenty which I can share, too.

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I have just one more sleeve to go on one sweater design. It would be finished already if I didn’t hate knitting sleeves just so much. But I have plans this weekend to just sit down and power through during a marathon session of either Home Fires or Indian Summer (or maybe both, because why not?). I’m excited to get the sweater finished because, to be frank, I just really want to wear it. It has such nice little details that I just know it’ll be a go-to in my wardrobe.

I’m also chugging away on the body of a new cardigan. I have completely fallen in love with SweetGeorgia‘s Tough Love Sock yarn. It is such a pleasure to knit with and produces some very beautiful, and durable, garments. I’m a wee bit obsessed with the mini bobble stitch, which is not only fun to knit, but just fun to look at. So this is my own funky, fun take on the standard striped cardigan – with wee bobbles.

As for reading, most of it has been scientific papers (yuck!) as I work up a manuscript and those aforementioned presentations (it helps if you know what you are talking about when you speak to a room full of scientists). But in my downtime I’ve been grabbing a few pages of Heir of Midnight, the third novel in the Throne of Glass series.

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  1. Congrats on your upcoming presentation! The more you do them, the easier they get! I’m in full-on research mode this semester too, so I hear you on the scientific reading! 🙂 LOVING your speckled sweater–it’s adorable!

  2. Happy Birthday! Those sweaters will definitely come in handy when the weather descends. It’s getting pretty chilly in my neck of the woods (Detroit) so I can imagine it’s even cooler for you. Good luck on your papers!

  3. Happy birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day 🙂 Good luck prepping for those conferences, I know how stressful it can be. And that speckled sweater is going to be so awesome, cannot wait to see it finished!

  4. happy birthday!!!! I hope that it was a wonderful one, although it must have been a little awkward through the years to view the day with some solemnity (remembrance day is a tough one). I hope your last year of your 20s is magnificent!!

  5. Happy Birthday! I hear you on hating sleeves-I managed to finish mum’s second sleeve yesterday only because we drove to the city and it was the only knitting I brought 😛 So glad to hear that you’re excited for the sweater, it certainly looks like a winner so far!

  6. Hau’oli la hanau. 29? You’re still beautifully young and wonderfully ambitious. Break a leg on your presentation! Those cards you’ve received so far are cute. Love that candy looking fabric.

  7. Good luck with your presentations. Hopefully they will go swimmingly and you will make good contacts for the post Ph.D job hunt. Happy Belated Birthday. I too love Sweet Georgia. Have you come across her gradients yet? So, love.

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