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Some times, my brain is hijacked by good intentions and I am left wondering what I have gotten myself into. That is the case with this year’s Christmas knitting decisions. After originally telling myself there would be few, if any, knitted Christmas gifts this year, I went ahead and decided about two weeks ago to completely throw that out the window and knit up about four different items that needed to make it to Texas from Toronto in time for Christmas. Yes, well intended, but practically speaking, very, very stupid. Oh well. I’m in too deep now, so there’s no turning back.

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The silver lining of this self-imposed situation is that I am enthusiastically enjoying the knitting each of the projects I’ve chosen. I have really cruised through the Puaka shawlette by amazingly talented Frenchie over at Aroha Knits. The body of the shawl was so much fun to knit that I sped through it. Now I am carefully working my way through the lace border with just a few more rows to go before this beauty will be off my needles.



Photo Dec 02, 10 11 09 AM I am also chugging away on my Amethyst Flicker by Jennie for the 2015 GAL KAL after a little hiccup at the start. I originally started it in an amazing pink color only to realize (after actually bothering to read the pattern) that I wasn’t going to have enough yarn. Whoops. So I started over (in an ah-maz-ing shade of purple) and am now almost half way through. I really, really want to keep this goodie for myself, but it might become a gift if I get desperate enough with the whole timing thing.

For now I’ve got to just keep knitting. Just keep knitting. Please tell me your knitting lists are in a similar state of distress…



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  1. I feel like I should be in better shape than I am-right now, I know I’m in a good place with my gift knitting, but I can’t shake the feeling that something is coming around the corner and it’s going to just throw everything off. Keeping fingers crossed, though!

    • Oh no! I hope whatever is lurking behind the corner isn’t coming to get you. I’m sure, no matter what happens, everyone will appreciate you taking time to knit them something thoughtful and beautiful.

  2. I love these saturated colors. Oh boy girl, you signed yourself up for some major knittin’ especially since they have to be shipped off. You can do it! Make sure you stretch out your arm and finger muscles. I’ve been trying to do this every day for the laptop and for knitting.

    • This is great advice! I try to stretch out my shoulders when I knit because I tend to feel it the most there, but I definitely shouldn’t forget my wrists and fingers.

    • Thank you, Evelyn. It’s Madelinetosh tosh merino light (a favorite of mine) in the colorway Cousteau. I had been saving it for awhile now, but this shawl just seemed pretty perfect for it.

  3. yep….me, too. wasn’t going to knit gifts this year and then——everyone wanted slippers, and i saw that star wars hat (my daughter will have a FIT over that one!!!). I’m not panicked yet. YET.

  4. ooh, so gorgeous! I’m way behind on my knitting, too- this is about the time of year I realize I have no idea how fast I can actually knit a thing, and I’ve usually wildly overestimated how fast I am!

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