In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been having a lot of fun setting up a new online shop for my very own hand dyed yarns, so I’m very excited to introduce Long Dog Yarn, available now online.

2016-05-16 11.30.46-2

I had been thinking of trying out yarn dyeing again this summer using acid-fast dyes after the small trials I had using food coloring to dye yarn. Sitting in bed one night, a thought suddenly popped into my head of a label that has a dachshund that stretches around the circumference of the label and the idea of Long Dog Yarn was born as I drifted off to sleep. That next weekend I picked up my first starter dye kit, some blank hanks of yarn, and started reading everything I could find online about mixing colors and hand dyeing yarn. And things really just took off from there. More yarn and more color and more fun.

2016-05-27 17.06.19

Everyday I’m working with my yarns I learn something new, and then I have to try it out. Having all this blank yarn around is very dangerous. My favorite part of the experience is having absolute creative control over the process. My goal is to have Long Dog Yarn supplement the design side of my business, allowing me to imagine a design and create the perfect yarn to compliment it. Plus, it’s just really fun and creatively satisfying in a completely different way to the design side of things.

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  1. WOW!! What an amazing colour sense you have….and what a great (memorable…that’s the key, right?) logo!! Good luck on this new adventure!

    • Thanks so much Steph! Once I visualized the logo, I couldn’t get it out of my head. It had to happen!

  2. congratulations!! Your yarns already look stunning, it’s hard to believe you are just starting out with dying them- you clearly have a natural talent for it!

    • That means so much to me, Julie. I often have days where I feel a bit of doubt, that I have no idea what I’m doing. Good ol’ imposter syndrome.

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