Holy moly I have been horrible at blogging this year. I told myself after finishing school, I would get back to blogging more regularly, but we can all see how that has gone so far. My silence here has not been for a lack of activity in the realm of “real life.” The biggest news of late is that Andy and I have finally settled into a new place (for the time being). Andy was offered a postdoc research position at the University of Southern California, so now we are Angelinos. It was a quick move with just over a week’s notice for us to find a place and figure out how to get all our belongings from Dallas to LA. But we’ve finally settled into the new place, and (most exciting, for me at least) I have my own dedicated office/craft space for the yarn-a-palooza that has become life lately.

Most of my time has been gobbled up by the yarn biz, which has grown in leaps since the start of this year. Originally, I didn’t want my knitting and design blog to be overrun with the yarn side of my life, but it’s grown so much and become such a daily part of my life, that I can’t avoid it’s inevitable take over. Ironically, as I spend more of my days completely surrounded, practically swimming in yarn, I find I have less and less time to actually make wonderful things out of it. I’m still trying to find that balance between the dyeing and design aspects of running a fiber-based business, but I try to get a few rows in every night before bed. Lately, those few rows have been dedicated to knitting, then reknitting, and reknitting yet again this little beast of a sock.


New sock design is knit in the LDY sock set Cassata + Quick Fling.

The teeny bit of colorwork on the hem has been giving me fits – always just a wee bit too tight to get around my heel. I finally gave up and looked up some tips for doing color work in a sock, when that stretchiness of knitted fabric is essential if you want to have a functional item at as a result of your precious spare knitting time. I tried the trick of turning the work inside out as you knit the colorwork to ensure your floats were long and beautifully  And – egads! – it worked. It worked out perfectly! The knitting still looks neat and even, but it stretches over the heel easily just like it should. Sometimes it’s the little victories that make all the difference.

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    • Thanks! It’s nice to finally have our own spot and get back to a daily schedule. I’m really looking forward to exploring LA and California.

  1. Next time I do something with colorwork I’ll have to try flipping it inside out.. I’m usually too loose because I’m afraid it’ll be too tight!
    I’m looking forward to seeing the final pattern for these socks!

    • I haven’t had to use this trick before on things like sweaters – but with the stretch I need for socks, it’s good to know otherwise I’d have given up on color work socks.

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