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  • …I’m trying to get back into the weekly updates! I find this simple weekly deadline always helped me keep on track with updating the blog, even when I didn’t always have the most interesting things to talk about. So I figure it’ll help me get back on track here and also hopefully inspire me to find more time during the week to dedicate to pleasure knitting. Sometimes it’s just the threat of a deadline that you need to give you that swift kick in the rear.
  • …my primary knitting has been on a new design for a summer top. I almost had the whole thing finished up last week, but one night I realized that it was waaaaaaay too big – almost 4 inches too big. That’s a bit more than I can get away with as a “design feature,” so I had to rip the whole thing out and start again with a more accurate gauge. (The semi-finished top became the world’s biggest gauge swatch.) For the second go-around, I decided to try going at it from the top down rather than my usual bottom-up so that I could try it on as I go. I have never written a pattern for top-down before and was a bit nervous, but really it just involved working my grading sheet backwards, so I’m excited to have that skill under my belt and get more comfortable with it for other new patterns.
  • …I’m super excited to add a brand new yarn to the Long Dog Yarn shop. Alpaca Luxe is an absolutely stunning blend of baby alpaca, cashmere, and silk that knits up beautifully to produce an airy fabric with wonderful drape. I really like this stuff. It’s like knitting (and wearing) a soft kitten that’s fallen asleep on a fluffy cloud. I first ran across this blend in a LYS in San Diego and knew I had to order some for the shop. I’m really hoping this yarn finds a home in my shop. It’s a bit of an uncommon blend, which can be a hard sell online because people like to work with yarns they are familiar with as they can’t feel it’s amazing, heavenly softness for themselves. But I think this yarn is simply stunning for light-weight sweaters and beautiful drapey shawls. I used the tester skeins I ordered to try out this yarn to knit myself a simple summery tank top (which is out in testing right now and I hope to have the pattern released next month.) Ever since I cast off my top, I’ve been dreaming of knitting a lacey wrap for these cool Cali nights.

  • …I zoomed right through Netflix’s new true-crime documentary, The Keepers. Holy. Moly. No pun intended. If you are a fan of the recent true crime trend, you definitely have to watch this series. It drew me in right away, but the story is completely heartbreaking and frustrating, and I found the ending to be less than satisfying. Nevertheless, I recommend it!
  • …my reading time has been basically nil. I tell myself to go to bed and get some reading in, and it’s like 10 minutes after my head hits the pillow and I pull my ebook up, I’m falling asleep. So almost no progress has been made in my current read, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, which is a bummer because I actually like the book a lot and my lead eyelids is definitely not an issue with this book. Here’s to hoping I have some more reading time in the upcoming week.

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5 Comments on Weekly update – 5/24/17

  1. I think seeing a ripped garment as a giant gauge swatch is a pretty good idea 😉 I’m mostly a top-down garment knitter and bottom up always freaks me out a little.. Love love loving the beautiful alpaca yarn!

    • I don’t know why, but all the shaping that happens at the top for the neck and armholes always seemed like an intimidating place to start. And I like having the big chunk of the body there to help keep those crazy bits in order. But I know so many people prefer top down, so I figured I’d give it a go and it wasn’t as scary as I feared.

  2. I love, love love that top you’re wearing in the photo! Is that the one you’re talking about designing from top down instead of bottom up? It looks great!

    I am also embarking on my first attempt at designing a garment from top down instead of bottom up…and I think I may have mis-positioned the arms. But mistakes are how we improve, right? ;P

    • The top in the photo is actually the one I knit with my new alpaca blend yarn. It’s knit bottom up because I hadn’t experienced the other “catastrophe” yet. Good luck with your design! I hope you get it figured out and can get rolling again.

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