aboutbig Hi! I’m Brandy, a biology Ph.D. candidate by day and a knitting enthusiast by night.

Just over two years ago, I picked up my first knitting needles and taught myself to knit using the amazing resources and videos available on the internet. From that day on, I’ve fallen completely in love with knitting and haven’t slowed down since.

This year, I decided to take my passion to the next level and begin designing my own knitwear garments and accessories. It has been such a challenging, yet rewarding, process that has helped me understand the underlying principles of knitting construction and yarn properties. I still have so much more to learn and a million more ideas floating around my head, so I hope to continue to grow and learn.

My design style is primarily focused around texture and color, my two primary inspirations. I strive to create designs that are modern and wearable, with a pinch of sass and spunk. When an idea takes hold, I can become quite one-minded and focus solely on it. I know that if I am excited about a knitting project, there is likely someone else out there who will also share in that excitement.

My brand is still very much its early stages. Every day I continue to work to find my voice and establish my place in the realm of knitwear design. I am always looking for indie yarn dyers, publishers, and bloggers to collaborate with. If you would like to team up, please feel free to contact me – I would love to work with you to make some magic happen!

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