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FO Friday: Handpainted cable socks

Project: Handpainted cable socks :: Pattern: Socks on a Plane :: Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Alegria

The newest edition to my ever-growing knit sock collection. I’ve been a sock’n’roll lately – these are my fourth pair this year. For me, socks are just a satisfying knit because you can see the progress of the project coming together so quickly to form the finished item. You can make them striped, cabled, lacy, long, short, patterned – whatever your knit craving happens to be at the moment. And handpainted sock yarns (need I say more?).

With all these beautiful new socks, I think I need some new shoes to help show them off. I can’t let all this hard work to go unnoticed, right?!

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FO Friday: Caramel cardigan

The second project I finished up last weekend was my caramel cardigan. I was really inspired by bluedogwoolie’s take on the sweater – I loved the asymmetrical stripping and the short-sleeves, especially. So, after looking through Knit Pick’s Swish line of yarn, I decided to go with teal and golden contrasting stripes. It’s a color combination that was interesting to me, but I didn’t have a ton of in my closet. It’s very easy for me to settle on purples and pinks for knitting projects (I’ve got a bit of a reputation for the abundance of purple in my wardrobe), but I have been trying to branch out and be a bit more adventurous in my color choices. I would hate to be predictable…

I’m pretty happy with how my version came out and both the pattern and yarn were great to work with. I just wish I had worked my sweater a little bit longer, but I was worried about running out of yarn. Oh well – you live and learn. The sweater is still a joy to wear and perfect for the chilly start to spring we seem to be having.

With two knitting projects down, I’m on the lookout for new projects to start up. And just in time, too, because tomorrow is the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic. It’ll be my first time to attend and I’ve been told it’s yummy yarns for as far as the eye can see. Good start to a weekend if you ask me.

FO Friday: Golden Abalone

Pattern: Abalone by Beata Jezek
Yarn: Malabrigo worsted (Sunset)
Completion Date: March 31, 2014
Ravelry Project Page

Remember that Malabrigo worsted I shared a few weeks ago? Ta-da! Here it is. This sweater kind of snuck up on me – it was a super fast knit. I made it my “on-the-go” project, mainly working on it while commuting to/from school until poof! a sweater was suddenly there.

The pattern is, for the most part, a nice, simple knit. The pattern is not very detailed, but if you have a general knowledge of knitting and sweaters, it’s not too difficult to figure out as you go. I only ran into a problem when working the garter stitch edging of the body, which I had to completely redo before it worked out to my satisfaction.

But I’m pleased with how this sweater came out. And I really love the yarn which is so soft and smooshy. I’m totally jumping on the Malabrigo fan-wagon. When the budget permits, I would love to try out some of their other yarn weights. 

This sweater will get lots of wear now that spring finally seems to have arrived in my corner of the world. Happy spring, everyone! 
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FO Friday: Rainbow Broken Seed Stitch Socks

They’re finished! And they are just so bright and cheerful. I managed to finish my rainbow broken seed stitch socks Wednesday night. I was treating myself to some well-earned knitting time after a marathon grading session earlier in the day (10 lab reports in 8 hours, phew!). 

I am quite pleased with how the have turned out, so of course I wore a skirt to work on Thursday to show them off. (What good are hand knit socks if you can’t show them off ever once in awhile?) On a rather gloomy day, they were just the shot of color I needed.

I think my next pair of socks to cast on will be part of the Ravelry Sock Knitter’s Anonymous 
monthly challenges. For April it is stranded knitting or another culturally traditional knitting technique (such as Celtic cables). I’ve had the Circle socks by Fnugg on my queue for awhile, so this is a great excuse to finally give them a go. 
New, socky adventures await. Happy Friday!
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