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San Diego

It sure has been quiet on the blog lately, but much less so for me. 2016 has started off in a sprint trying to get things in order at work to finish up my Ph.D. this semester along with working to meet some exciting knitting deadlines (I can’t quite share details yet, but soon, I promise). I feel like I haven’t had much time to catch my breath since arriving home from a trip to visit my parents in San Diego, but I’ve finally grabbed a few moments to go through my photos from the trip and wanted to share some of the sunshine I enjoyed during my trip.

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Snow, snow, snow

When I woke up this morning, I peeked out the window, and this song immediately popped into my head. We had just a wee bit (sarcasm abounds) of snow overnight.And it’s just kept on snowing and snowing all day long.

So I took off from work early and headed to the market to pick up fixins for shepherd’s pie (those shepherds knew what was what because this stuff is perfect for snowy days) and gluhwein. I think it’s time to turn on White Christmas, snuggle with the fur baby, and settle in for the weekend (just a wee bit early, but what are massive amounts of snow for?).

That time I went to San Diego (and Disneyland)..

Just a few glimpses into my trip to San Diego to visit my parents…

 Sunset from my parents backyard overlooking the canyon.
Lovely, rocky coastline in La Jolla… and my mom’s hand.
Sunset at the Hotel del Coronado.
The hotel was also decked out for Christmas.
A live performance of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and this Seussian tree put us in the Christmas spirit, too.
No trip to Southern California is complete without a day at Disneyland, mouse-ears and all.

Disneyland was beautifully decked out for Christmas, too. Even the Haunted Mansion was in the spirit, with the Nightmare Before Christmas taking it over. 

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Sunshine and color

For what I’m convinced was weeks and weeks, but likely were only a few days, it had been so gray, overcast, rainy, windy, cold, and otherwise mildly horrible weather wise around here. And then yesterday, I woke up and it didn’t look like it was still nighttime outside. Light. Beautiful sunlight, streaming through windows and everything. 
So I finished up work a little early and rushed home to take Rufus out to enjoy the light and the leaves and the warmth and the overall beautiful fall day we were having. It was perfect. It was one of those days I wish I could just store in a mason jar under the sink to be let loose on a frigid, dark winter evening when I’m not sure if the sun or warmth or color will ever be back again. 
Capturing it in photos will just have to do until day canning technology is available on the mass market. Though, Rufus thought I had lost my mind trying to take pictures of him and telling him to hold still because the light was just right. He just looks so regal bathed in light, but maybe that’s just the crazy talking again. 
Hope you all are enjoying fall (it’ll be gone before I know it).

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Beginnings of change


One thing that the north does very well is fall. It’s beautiful up here. Things are just starting to change – hints of yellow and red peek through the green. I feel sometimes that the transition can happen so fast that I just blink and the trees are naked and the world is gray. So I’m trying to capture the transition and the color while I can. To tide me over on those dark, cold winter days. To remind me there is life and color and it will return. Soon.

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Lazy updates

I was too lazy to get my act together to post this week’s Knitting Confessions. Whoops. So instead I leave you all with some photos from the beautiful weekend we had here in Toronto as the city transitions into fall.

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P.S. Knitting Confessions will be back next week (hopefully!).