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That time we hiked in Rouge park

Being in the middle of a big city like Toronto has its perks a lot of the time – walking to the market, good food all around, relatively efficient mass transit – but sometimes you just need to get away from cars and sidewalks and buildings and noise and people. I was feeling a little worn down by the city lately. Instead of just hiding away in my tiny apartment and pretending it all didn’t exist (which is hard with sirens blaring down the street several times a day), I decided to find some close-by options for hiking. I knew this option would be very popular with the resident fur-baby, who is small in stature but adventurous at heart.

We ended up at Rouge park, which is a large, gorgeous area of wilderness inside of the city. It’s actually very close to where I work each day, but I didn’t even know it existed until I did an online search for dog friendly hiking areas around Toronto.

I loved it. It was really what I needed to feel rejuvenated and happy this past weekend – little flowing rivers, tall shady trees, singing birds, and green all around (even a large green frog in the middle of the path who was decidedly not a leaf and did not want to be stepped on). Even though we only spent about an hour exploring one tiny portion of the park (with Rufus happily leading the charge), it was a great way to forget the bustle of the city and start a relaxing weekend.

That time I went to Montreal…

Ahoy! Picture heavy post ahead.

View of the city from the top of Mont Royal. You can see the St. Lawrence river just behind.
Hiking up Mont Royal, a beautiful green space in the heart of the city.
Parisian style Metro signs.
Happy otters at the Montreal Biodome.
Part of the Olympic Stadium.
Old Montreal and a view of the basilica.
Notre Dame Basilica

Rue St. Paul in Old Montreal – it was bustling and beautiful. 
Dinosaurs at the Redpath Museum on the McGill campus.

I disappeared for a bit there, but I’m back now. I spent the week in Montreal for a scientific conference where I was presenting some of the work I’ve done for my Ph.D. I enjoy going to conferences for the most part, and it can be really exciting to learn about work being done in my field of science. But there usually comes a point when my brain cannot hold/process any more information, and I must make an escape, even if it’s just for an afternoon.

Montreal is a beautiful place to escape in – enough sites and culture to keep you busy for days. I enjoyed hiking up Mont Royal (say it really fast and you’ll understand why the city is named Montreal) and overlooking the city and river. I also loved the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal, which has a heavy European presence. It’s also highly touristy and, unfortunately, was absolutely packed on the Sunday I chose to stroll through. I definitely want to go back again when I have more time to enjoy the atmosphere, the architecture, and the shopping.

Overall, it was a fun trip (and I got to ride the train for the first time – whee!), but not exactly rejuvenating. One of those trips where I’m glad I have a weekend to “recover” before hurling headlong back into work. June is going to be a heck of a crazy month for me, I can tell already.

That time we took Rufus for a walk & everything was in bloom

After some warmer days and some rain, everything in the neighborhood is green and in bloom. I much prefer these walks to those in the middle of winter when Rufus and I would battle hidden patches of sidewalk ice. And for Rufus, warmer weather means he can continue his life-long battle against the squirrel monsters. Once he figures out how to climb a tree, they are goners.

Out and about

I know that this is a knitting blog and all, but it seems like all I do is sit around and knit (and drink sangria). I swear, I do go outside every now and again. Lately, my outside excursions were only when necessary (long cold winters make a hermit of the best of us), but the spring fever bug bit me good this weekend – I could not be cooped up inside. So I got out and enjoyed some of my favorite parts of the city.