FO: Summer boating socks

 Project: Summer boating socks ::: Pattern: Edwardian boating socks ::: Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Handpainted

The weekend was a little dreary (but warmish, at least), so I took the time to finish up my boating socks. They are so fun. I’m wearing them as I speak blog. They are also surprisingly soft for socks knit with ‘bargain’ sock yarn. This Stroll yarn is probably one of my favorite sock yarns that I have worked with so far.

This week…

Knitting: Some sparkly business casual socks for me and some basic toe-up cabled socks for A.

Operation Honey: I’m at 17 hexipuffs so far this month. I doubt I’ll make my original goal of 40, but I should make it to 20-25 at least.

Reading: Still working on Miserere which is turning out better than I thought. It has an interesting premise that involves religion and history in our world along with fantasy elements in a different world, so it’s keeping my attention.

Watching: I’m finishing season one of Hannibal (talk about nightmare inducing tv), so to balance that I’m also watching season one of Chuck on Netflix for some lighter viewing.

Loving: More fruit is coming into season! I can finally afford strawberries! I can feel summer coming. I can’t wait for peaches and mangos and all things sweet and lovely.

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That time we took Rufus for a walk & everything was in bloom

After some warmer days and some rain, everything in the neighborhood is green and in bloom. I much prefer these walks to those in the middle of winter when Rufus and I would battle hidden patches of sidewalk ice. And for Rufus, warmer weather means he can continue his life-long battle against the squirrel monsters. Once he figures out how to climb a tree, they are goners.

WIP: Boating socks


This week:

Knitting: My knitting this summer has become quite predictable. Yet another pair of socks are on my needles. This week I’m working on the Edwardian Boating socks with some handpainted Stroll yarn from Knit Picks. The long floats and linen stitch really make these a fun knit and make the most of the short color changes in handpainted yarns.

I have also cast on a simpler pattern for some socks for A who was dropping some not-so-subtle hints that he wanted another pair of socks. Picking patterns for him is always harder because I am apparently just drawn to patterns that are much too girly… but this is coming from the man who thinks even cables are too “dainty.”

Reading: I finally finished The Girl Who Fell Below Fairyland and Led the Revels There. It was such a fun read. I’m now starting on Miserere (I got lost in those ‘er’s) by Theresa Frohock which is a bit different than I thought it would be… but I’m only a few chapters in, so I’ll give it a chance.

Watching: I am in desperate need of some suggestions for Netflix viewing… I feel like I’ve watched everything, which I know isn’t true. If you’ve found something wonderful and have just been waiting to tell someone about it, here’s your chance – I’m up for anything!

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Out and about

I know that this is a knitting blog and all, but it seems like all I do is sit around and knit (and drink sangria). I swear, I do go outside every now and again. Lately, my outside excursions were only when necessary (long cold winters make a hermit of the best of us), but the spring fever bug bit me good this weekend – I could not be cooped up inside. So I got out and enjoyed some of my favorite parts of the city.

FO Friday: Seaglass Socks

Project: Seaglass socks :: Pattern: My Cup of Tea socks :: Yarn: Araucania Botany Lace 
The sock-a-palooza continues! I think I may have an addiction. I may need to seek help. But it’s not hurting anyone… except maybe my poor store bought socks. Yesterday when I opened the sock drawer they looked a bit conspiratorial. A sock mutiny may be upon us and I will just disappear into a pile of boring, white, gym sockiness. If you don’t hear from me, send a search party. 
I’m very pleased with these socks. I think they are my favourite pair to date for reasons I can’t quite put into words. It’s not like it was a complicated pattern or any real feat of knitting. But there’s something about the the blue of the socks that reminds me of seaglass and the repeating pattern working up the foot that reminds me of the scales of a mermaid’s tail – I just really like these socks. And I think I need a beach vacation…

WIP: Beekeeper quilt

This just in…. I’ve officially jumped on the hexipuff bandwagon. What is a hexipuff, you ask? Why, just these teensy, multicolored stuffed hexagons, of course. They are made of leftover bits of fingering weight yarn. My slightly crazy, squirrel-like hoarding of itty bitty sock yarn scraps (and some not so itty bitty scraps, too) finally has a purpose. (I planned it all along, I tell ya. It was all part of the plan. I am not a crazy yarn lady). And the purpose of a pile of hexipuffs? Well, they are just fun and cute, so do you really need a reason?! But ultimately, the hope is to assemble my collection into my very own beekeeper’s quilt. It’s a bit of a long term project, so to keep me motivated, I’m giving it a ultra cool top-secret name: Operation Honey and will update my progress weekly.

Weekly catchup time.

Knitting: This week I’m hoping to finish my My Cup of Tea socks. And, of course, hexipuffs!

Operation Honey progress: 10 hexipuffs made, 30 to go to make my monthly goal of 40.

Watching: Season 7 of Psych is finally on Netflix. Finally. I have been waiting for-ev-er. I was missing the crazy antics of Shawn and Gus.

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Project: Hitchhiking :: Pattern: Hitchhiker :: Yarn: Misti Alpaca Tonos Pima Silk

I loved this pattern. I loved this yarn. I love this scarf. It came out even better then I imagined (don’t you love it when your ideas turn out to actually be good ones?!). I couldn’t resist these colors and how they looked together, so I decided to adapt the hitchhiker pattern to be a bit of a gradient scarf – slowly shifting from green to purple by changing the width of the stripes. 
This is my first time working with pima cotton. I’ve always been kind of hesitant about working with cotton because my only experience with it really is the stiffer stuff mostly used for knitted washcloths. But this yarn is so soft and lovely. I have enough yarn left over that I’m thinking of working a matching hat for springtime. 
I highly recommend the hitchhiker pattern (and with over 14,000 projects, I must not be the only one). I worked on this almost exclusively while commuting to & from work and it was a great travel project because of it’s simplicity. 

Sangria with mango, raspberry, and strawberry – yum!

Another weekend, another reason for sangria. This is becoming a bit of a habit, isn’t it? At this rate, I feel like I should start a blog meme for Sangria Saturday.

For me, homemade sangria is a fun way to take advantage of in-season fruit. It’s still a bit early on in the spring up here, so there’s not a lot of local fruits available. (No offense, Georgia, but Ontario peaches are some of the best I’ve ever had.) Till then, I’ll just use whatever is on sale at the market. This week I thought I’d try a mango, strawberry, raspberry, and mint combo. Homemade sangria is so easy – in just a few steps you have something fresh and slightly inebriating (just how I like my springs/summers).

In a pitcher, add:
1. Fresh mint – smooshed a bit (I believe the technical term is crushed, but the action feels more like smooshing to me). I basically just use the bottom of a glass to smoosh it and release it’s awesome minty powers.
2. About half a pint of some fresh raspberries.
3. Some sliced strawberries – eye ball it.
4. Some diced mango… again, eye ball it. I like my sangria with lots of fruit. It soaks up lots of alcohol, but I can convince myself it’s good for me because it’s fruit, and you are always hearing you need to eat more fruit (it’s not my fault no one specified how I was to obtain this extra fruit).
5. Now the good stuff. I went with a bottle of Sauvignon blanc, but almost any white wine with a bit of a fruity taste will work. I also add in a bit of lemon-lime or grapefruit soda.
6. Ta-da! All done. It’s pretty, it’s yummy, it the perfect weekend drink for sipping and sharing.

Try your own fruity combinations and have fun! Be sure to share if you stumble upon something simply delicious (like there’s a sangria that isn’t…please.)

FO Friday: Handpainted cable socks

Project: Handpainted cable socks :: Pattern: Socks on a Plane :: Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Alegria

The newest edition to my ever-growing knit sock collection. I’ve been a sock’n’roll lately – these are my fourth pair this year. For me, socks are just a satisfying knit because you can see the progress of the project coming together so quickly to form the finished item. You can make them striped, cabled, lacy, long, short, patterned – whatever your knit craving happens to be at the moment. And handpainted sock yarns (need I say more?).

With all these beautiful new socks, I think I need some new shoes to help show them off. I can’t let all this hard work to go unnoticed, right?!

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WIP: Hitchhiker scarf

Here’s a peak at one of the projects I’m working on this week: a striped version of the hitchhiker scarf. It’s been my commuting project this week, and (besides meaning I’m headed home) I’ve really looked forward to working on it each day. The yarn is the Misti Alpaca Pima Cotton & Silk blend I bought at the Knitter’s Frolic this past weekend. I am in love. It’s drapey (people say that about yarn, right?) and squishy and soft, and I love the vivid colors. 
Let’s catchup:
Knitting: The hitchhiker shawl travels with me to and from work each day. I’m also casting on a pair of My Cup of Tea socks tonight, as I just finished my last pair of socks yesterday (more info on Friday). 
Reading: About halfway through The Girl Who Fell Below Fairyland… My slow progress is not a reflection of the quality of this piece, just my busy schedule. 
Watching: Game of Thrones, season 3. I’m behind, but not spoiler free. Also, my drive to stay on top of this series is diminished by my deep seated resentment towards it. I am still not over the fact that it has such popularity when the superior series Rome is often overlooked. 
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