WIP Wednesday: Pink Striped Cardigan

Seemingly never-ending snowfall with drifts to my mid calf: days like today are ones that entice you with just filling the day with crappy movies, snuggles with the puppy, and knitting. If only life were that simple.

I did have work that needed to be finished up today, but fortunately I could escape the snow-pocalypse brewing outside and work from home in my pajamas. I also was able to “sneak” in some lunch time knitting on my current work-in-progress: a wool pink striped cardigan.

I had purchased the wool about a month ago with a completely different project in mind, but once it arrived, I knew it was all wrong for what I had planned. I also had just ordered some new yarn (My name is Brandy, and I’m a yarnaholic), so I was feeling a little guilty about this yarn sitting around, waiting to get buried in the stash.

With the idea of a spring/autumn cardigan in mind, I set out to find a pattern that would provide me with the basic construction ideas. With just some minor modifications, Isabell Kraemer’s driftwood was perfect (and it’s free!).

This project is also the first I’ve made with the continuous style of sleeves, rather than raglan sleeves. I have to say, I think I am in love! I wish I had discovered this sleeve style before, as I really like the polished look they produce, almost as if the sleeves were sewn in, rather than done continuously with the yolk of the sweater.

I’m looking forward to seeing this project finished, and with the way the weather is looking, I know I’ll get some good use out of it before summer (finally) arrives.

Endpaper Fingerless Mittens

Pattern: Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang
Yarn: Crystal Palace Mini Mochi (colorway 106) & Paton’s Kroy Socks (white)
Ravelry Project Page

A cold winter gives one a lot of motivation hot cups of tea, Netflix marathons, and cozy knits. Like many parts of the world, the winter here in Toronto has been brutal this year. After endless days of gray skies and white snow, I was eager for some colorful winter accessories.

These fingerless mittens immediately drew my attention. I had never made a pair of mittens before, but this free pattern, with its simplistic, but eye catching pattern, had been on my “to-do” list for a while now. No better time to give mittens a go than when they would come in handy (pun intended). I was especially inspired by the gorgeous transitioning colors of starshaped’s Rainbow Mitts and katiebunny’s Autumn Rainbows. When I found an old skein of pink and green gradient Mini Mochi hidden in my yarn stash, I knew it would be perfect for this project.

I had purchased the yarn years ago as a splurge when I had first moved to North Carolina on a student’s budget. Every time I started a project with it, I just wasn’t satisfied, so it sat around, moving with me and always begging me to finally put it to use it every time I cleaned up my stash. I’m so delighted I’ve finally found the perfect project for it with this mitts, complimenting the lovely color shifts without being overwhelmed by the vibrancy. Plus, it’s soft and wonderfully warm. I wear these mittens almost every day and love how they easily provide access to my phone/knitting projects/etc. while I commute to and from school.

This pair of mitts only used up about half of the total Mini Mochi, so I have fantastical dreams of a matching cowl drifting around my mind. With spring on the horizon (I hope), perhaps it will be a nice project for next winter.