My Ysabel shawl features stripes worked with short rows to produce “bobbins” of color across the body of the shawl. As a visual leaner, I thought a quick tutorial on how these bobbins are worked may help visualize how the short rows are worked to produce this unique feature. All of the instructions refer only to the stitches between the markers that separate the garter stitch edging from the shawl body.

All of the bobbin rows are worked over a stitch count of 8, so the first thing to do is ensure you have a multiple of 8 stitches for your shawl body.. Starting with a right side row, work your first short row across the first 12 stitches of the body, then wrap the next stitch and turn.


Now on the wrong side of the knitting, purl 7 stitches, then wrap the next stitch and turn, leaving four stitches plus the wrapped stitch unworked at the edge of the shawl body.


Now will begin the short rows that form the height of the bobbin. Knitting 6 stitches, you should end with one stitch before the very first wrap and turn performed in short-row 1. Wrap that stitch and turn to work back across the wrong side.


Purl across 5 stitches, again ending one stitch before the wrapped stitch. Wrap the stitch and turn.


You will continue working in this manner until you 3 wrapped stitches on either side of the bobbin and 3 stitches in the center of the bobbin, ending by working a purl, or wrong side short row. When you turn back to the right side, it should look something like this:


Now we will finish off this first bobbin and work across the row to set up the next one. Knit across the top three stitches.


Then you will work the three wrapped stitches, picking up the wraps and knitting them with the stitch.


Continue knitting across 15 more stitches to set up the next bobble, then wrap and turn and begin the short rows again. You continue working in this manner until you reach the last four stitches of the end of the body.


Wrap the next stitch and turn, leaving 3 stitches and the wrapped stitch.


Work the bobbin short rows as before, finishing by working the wrapped stitches and the last three stitches at the end of the body row.


Now you are prepared to knit back across the wrong side of the row, picking up the left over wraps and working them with the stitch as you come to them. And voila! Your bobbins are complete!

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